What is STEM?

STEM stands for: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Who We Are

The Rexdale STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Club creates supporting networks for high school, college and university students who are pursuing STEM fields.

We collaborate and partner with STEM organizations, corporate partners, educational institutions, government agencies and all other stakeholders who believe in inspiring and engaging youth in STEM.

What We Do

Our STEM Club engages students to participate and enjoy hands-on STEM activities and trips, and meet STEM professionals throughout the school year.

Past activities include:

  • Sky’s the Limit Session
  • David Dunlap Observatory Visit
  • ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) Visit
  • Visit to Google Headquarters in Kitchener, ON
  • goIT Workshop

“Science is not only a disciple of reason, but, also one of romance and passion”

– Stephen Hawking

STEM Club – Who We Are

RCH Summer of Innovation Camp 2013

RCH Summer of Innovation Camp 2014

Benefits of Joining STEM Club

  • Engaging students outside the school environment while still learning
  • Gaining volunteer experience
  • Developing creative thinking skills
  • Meeting STEM professionals for mentorships and networking opportunities
  • Collaborating with STEM professionals and engaging in future projects together.
  • Acquiring a unique and creative view on STEM-related careers

Contact and Registration

To find out more please contact us at: 416-741-3000 Ext. 241

Peeking through a telescope
Making robots
STEM Club outing to DonRiver Valley Park
2019 RCH STEM Club Outing to Google Headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario